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Young Life is for every teenager - regardless of ability, race, religious tradition or culture.

Since 1941

Since 1941, Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of kids around the world.

More than 100 countries

Young Life is in more than 100 countries, offering hope with spiritual values to nearly a million teenagers each year. Young Life is for every teenager.

time-tested methods

Our staff and leaders are trained in time-tested methods of relating with teens and equipped by a world-class organization.


Kids consistently tell us that Young Life camp is the best week of their lives. But how else would you describe a week where deep relationships are forged in the midst of mind-boggling fun and you experience and listen to what we believe is the greatest love story ever told?

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Our Mission

Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don’t happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

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Young Life Sundays at 6:30pm
Wyld Life Sundays at 5pm


Crossroads International Church
Reinacherstrasse 129

4053 Basel, Switzerland


Fun and casual for
Wyld Life - Kids grades 6-8
Young Life - Kids grades 9-12

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In WyldLife, we love middle school kids! They are full of life and yet experiencing profound emotional and physical changes.

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Young Life

Young Life

Young Life is for high school kids. Leaders go to their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship.

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Campaigners is a weekly gathering for kids who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership.

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Parents - Committee


We are making a difference in the lives of kids because we are supported by adults who care about kids in their community.

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